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Directo UDEM

We take you to the UDEM facilities so that you do not have to worry about your commute! 

With Directo UDEM, our private student transport system, you will be able to reach the Prepa UDEM units and the UDEM campus from different zones of the metropolitan area. 

All the units used are recent models with have luxury interiors and meet all safety measures required to guarantee your comfort and safety. 

Routes and rates

Below, we include the price of Directo UDEM per semester, according to its routes.

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Would you like to contract the services of Directo UDEM? We tell you how here.

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Frequently asked questions

Check out the most common queries about the Directo UDEM service.

2. Can I cancel my subscription to the Directo UDEM service?

Yes. In order to cancel, you must send an e-mail to [email protected], explaining the reason for the cancellation. You must turn in your transport card in person at office 2107. Cancellation becomes valid from the moment you meet these two points. You will be reimbursed for the unused proportional part

3. Can my service be suspended?

Yes, if you fail to show your user card, misbehave, share your card with somebody else, or use false documents.

4. May I buy tickets for occasional trips?

Yes, Directo UDEM can sell you a ticket book for $390.00, which includes 5 one-way trips to be used on special occasions.

4. ¿Cómo puedo contratar el servicio?

Realizando el pago desde el carrito de servicios. Te recomendamos
confirmar con Movilidad UDEM la disponibilidad de lugares en la ruta de
tu elección antes de realizar el pago.

Before contracting UDEM Directo, we suggest you consult the service use policies.