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The purpose of these regulations is to establish the guidelines and provisions that must be complied with and respected both in terms of the provision of the Directo UDEM student transport system and in the access to such service. Penalties applicable for the violation of any of the provisions are also covered here.



I. Conduct expected from users

  • Behaving appropriately, watching their language.
  • Treating other users and the bus drivers providing the service with respect.
  • Refraining from throwing objects inside or outside of the bus. Users are to remain orderly seated at all times while riding the bus.
  • Eating or smoking on the buses is prohibited.
  • Following instructions given by the drivers. Bus drivers must obey and enforce the regulations and the provisions contained in them.

All acts of indiscipline inside the buses and/or omissions or violations of the provisions in this section will be penalized in accordance with the general regulations for students of the Universidad de Monterrey. The foregoing includes damaging or making improper use of the transport vehicles or any part of them.​


II. Bus stops

  • Bus stops have been previously established in the route program and they will not be modified without prior authorization from the Directo UDEM Coordinator’s Office.
  • Users should arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes ahead of the time indicated in the official route map.
  • For safety reasons, no users will be allowed to get on board a bus at unauthorized stops.


III. Other provisions

The Directo UDEM service is provided on working days during the school term, including the final exams period. Any changes will be notified through the information board located at the bus stop and through the UDEM Portal.

The 4:24 p.m. schedule is provided exclusively for students participating in Cultural Promotion or Physical Education activities. This service is cancelled or ends in accordance with the activity calendar of Prepa UDEM. Students using the service at this time for any other reason should stay informed and adjust to the departure point of the Directo UDEM bus.

Any situations not covered in these regulations will be dealt with by the Directo UDEM coordinator’s office. Students are solely responsible for their personal effects and for any damage to them. Neither the bus drivers nor the Universidad de Monterrey is responsible for the students before they are picked up from the corresponding bus stop or after they are dropped off at such stop. Each student is responsible for getting on and off the bus at the corresponding stop.

Any incident occurring inside the bus must be reported by the user and/or the respective bus driver to the following e-mail address: directoude​[email protected].​​