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Interdisciplinary Projects

Consultancy services related to this area:

  • Computer platforms for teaching.
  • Applications of orthoses, prostheses, and models with haptic features.
  • Development of product packaging and image.
  • Redistribution of products on display shelves.
  • Consumer visual preferences study.
  • Measuring trends with electronic media.
  • Development of applications and equipment to support communication and learning.
  • Development of multidisciplinary computing complements.
  • Furniture development.
  • Development of workstations.
  • Development of teaching equipment at every level (preschool to the graduate level).
  • Development of measuring and control equipment.
  • Electronic Gesell domes.
  • Temporary importation of manufacturing materials.
  • Development of sustainable systems.
  • Selection and handling of drones for high-risk video shoots.
  • Selection, reconditioning, and handling of remotely guided vehicles for high-risk video shoots.
  • Design and installation of lighting and visual effects.
  • Development of medical equipment.
  • Development of virtual worlds.
  • Augmented reality applications.
  • 3D organ modeling from medical imaging and 3D printing.