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Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Consultancy services related to this area:

  • Analysis and correction of mechanical vibrations.
  • Spectrographic analysis of solder and ferrous materials.
  • Blade redesign.
  • Redesign of dies and die-cutters.
  • Thermal and cryogenic treatments.
  • Tension and compression testing.
  • Toughness testing.
  • Dimensional metrology.
  • Surface micrographs and analysis in ALICONA.
  • Tribology analysis: friction and wear studies for service life of cutting and transformation tools.
  • Consulting on the development and application of composite materials.
  • Improvement of lubricant properties through nanoparticles (nanotechnology).
  • Tribology laboratory tests:
    • 4-ball test for extreme pressure
    • Pin on disk or block on ring test