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Carlos Hernandez Aguilar

Credits: UDEM File

In my university life at UDEM I have been able to live multiple experiences that have helped me form myself as a leader and grow both personally and professionally.

I think that venturing to try new things such as student groups, volunteering, contests, forums and university events, help a lot to open our way of seeing the world and teach us new skills.

Some of the experiences I have had in college that I am grateful to have been a part of are: FIRST Robotics STEAMex 6832 Robotrojans STEAMex 6832 team captain (2017-2018), Academic exchange for a semester in Poland (2020), Líderes Plus: 15th Generation (2021), University of Michigan SURE research program (2021), IEEE UDEM student branch president (2019), I was a teacher of FIRST robotics teams at EST-73 Apodaca (2017-2018), I was 2 times UDEM representative at the Hult Prize Regionals in Boston (ed: 2018 and 2019), I have also participated as a panelist in the Road to Sustainability (ed: 19).