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Wins call about the impact of tourism

Author: UDEM

Mariana de la Garza de los Santos, from the academic program of Bachelor of Business Creation and Innovation, was co-winner of the first place of the call organized by the magazine Travel Impact Newswire, in which they invite young people to reflect on how tourism impacts in the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives proposed by the UN.

Mariana, who shared her first position with a young man from the Philippines, was recognized with the publication of her essay "Excessive can not be sustainable" in The Olive Tree magazine, with a prize of USD$750, and a free one-week stay at a Jetwing Hotel in Sri Lanka.

In addition, Hiatlay Trejo, from the Bachelor of Accounting and Finance program, were also recognized; Natalia Sofía Alvarado and Mónica Isabel Luque (Bachelor of Global Business); and Paola Andrade, Ana Cecilia Ontiveros and Santiago Carranza (Bachelor of Business Creation and Innovation).