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Bachelor of International Marketing

Identify and analyze consumer needs and create innovative market strategies.
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The undergraduate program in International Marketing (LMI) has a practical orientation and a truly international approach to the development of marketing strategies in global markets, so it will allow you to participate in real company projects.

Quick Facts

We are part of the 5% of Business Schools worldwide that hold this accreditation.


LMI offers you double-degree options with renowned universities.


This program is part of the EGEL (Ceneval) Registry of Excellence in Marketing.


You will be trained as a competitive professional in the development of innovative and creative marketing strategies, based on financial elements that organizations demand; with capacity to analyze market information and skills in the management and application of technological tools, and with a true focus on service and commitment to the sustainable development of our country.

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Admission profile

As a candidate to study this program, you must have an interest in business and collaborative work; an affinity for the commercial area, sales, and commercial strategies. You must also be responsible, dynamic, enterprising, adaptable to the multicultural international environment; and have a spirit of leadership, an interest in the use of technological tool. You should also like communicating orally and in writing.

Graduate profile

Upon completion of this degree program, students will have developed the following knowledge:

  • Preparing business proposals in a structured, planned, and justified manner.
  • Design, development, and analysis of market studies for decision-making.
  • Command of information management to segment markets and evaluate consumer behavior in order to determine needs and opportunities.
  • Development and implementation of marketing strategies for goods and services with financial support.
  • Development of comprehensive marketing communication plans.
  • Development of strategic market plans.
  • Use of specialized information technologies for the marketing of goods and services.
  • Current social, cultural, and political aspects in our country and the world.
  • Processes to develop marketing strategies.

Upon completion of this degree program, students will have developed the following skills:

  • You will analyze and solve problems and you will carry out effective decision-making.
  • You will work in highly-effective teams.
  • Negotiation and use of technological tools for decision-making.
  • You will understand the importance of financial application and of applying it to the marketing strategies presented.
  • You will understand, study, and analyze market information in order to propose strategies.
  • You will innovate in the creation and development of marketing strategies, with a global vision, ethical commitment, and social responsibility.

Field of work

As a graduate of UDEM’s undergraduate program in International Marketing, you will be able to work in the different areas of the profession, such as sales, advertising, strategic planning, market research, and product development in commercial, service, and industrial companies that require competitive international marketing specialists.

  • Market researcher
  • Publicist
  • International Marketing Director
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Manager​​​
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Creator of Advertising Campaigns
  • Project Development Manager
  • International Marketing Representative
  • Strategic Planner
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Product Development Specialist

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