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Bachelor of Tourism Management and Innovation

Get involved in companies and organizations dedicated to different branches of tourism, both in operational and managerial activities.
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The Bachelor of Tourism Management and Innovation (LGIT) program trains and educates professionals who are capable of designing, developing, and managing tourism products, events, and experiences that contribute to social well-being, leading public and private organizations related to the tourism industry with integrity and social responsibility.

Quick Facts
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Jobs in the world are related to tourism.


Here and in other organizations such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, etc., you can complete your professional internship to complete two years of experience.


We are the only tourism and business related program in Mexico accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Double degree

Double degree options available thanks to our international agreements.


This program is accredited by the Consejo Nacional para la Calidad de la Educación Turística, A. C., valid through 2022.


Our program is affiliated to the Asociación Mexicana de Centros de Enseñanza Superior en Turismo y Gastronomía.


We have a collaboration agreement for employment and development with the Asociación Femenil de Ejecutivas de Empresas Turísticas.


This program is part of the EGEL (Ceneval) Registry of Excellence in Tourism.

Tourism Cluster

We are affiliated with the Nuevo León Tourism Cluster, which enables us to liaise and collaborate with the different professional players in the sector.

World Tourism Forum Lucerne

Only Mexican university that is an academic partner in the WTFL.

UNWTO 2020

Finalists in the first edition of the 2020 UNWTO Students' League.


To train and educate professionals in the design, development, and management of innovative tourism products and experiences who contribute to social well-being leading public and private organizations related to the tourism industry with integrity and social responsibility.

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Admission profile

As a candidate to pursue this program, you should have...

  • A capacity for critical analysis, reflection, and innovation. 
  • Integrity and a commitment to society, as well as dedication to service. 
  • An ability to communicate and express ideas and concepts. 
  • A positive attitude toward change. 
  • An ability to adapt to the international cultural environment. 
  • An interest in and respect for other cultures and social practices.
  • An interest in developing national and international tourism activity.

Graduate profile

Upon completion of this degree program, students will have developed the following knowledge:

  • Management of destinations and companies in the tourism and gastronomy sector. 
  • Marketing and commercialization of tourist destinations and companies. 
  • Competitiveness and international quality standards in the industry. 
  • Technological management tools for the tourism industry. 
  • Economic and financial analysis of the tourism industry and events, as well as their interpretation. 
  • Principles, trends, and innovations in tourism and gastronomy. 
  • Tourism geography, national and world socio-cultural heritage. 
  • Tourism legislation, public policy, and governance. 
  • Sustainable planning and development of tourism.
  • Strategies for the development of new tourism products and experiences. 

Upon completion of this degree program, students will have developed the following skills:

  • Adaptation to change and different cultures. 
  • Establishing links between the different tourism players. 
  • Organizing and leading work teams and operational areas that provide tourism and gastronomy services. 
  • Innovating, managing, and operating tourism services with high international quality standards. 
  • Communicating efficiently orally and in writing, both in Spanish and English, for the management of tourism products and services. 
  • Using information technologies for the management of companies in the sector.
  • An ability to propose new technological tools for tourism innovation. 
  • Search and critical analysis of economic, social, and environmental information for decision-making in tourism projects. 
  • Sales and negotiation strategies in international environments. 
  • Contingency and crisis management ability.  
  • Visualizing trends that affect tourism in order to make pertinent, innovative decisions. 
  • Creating tourism and gastronomy experiences for different markets.

Upon completion of this degree program, students will have developed the following attitudes:

  • Service and hospitality in the different tourist areas in the country and abroad. 
  • Responsibility for sustainable tourism, appreciating and respecting the environmental conservation, culture, traditions, and social wellbeing of the different players and settings where tourist activity takes place or where there are plans to develop it.
  • Ethical professional performance. 
  • Leadership with emotional intelligence in your strategy. 
  • Proactive, flexible, innovative.
  • Adaptation to change and new multicultural environments. 
  • Critical thinking.

Field of work

As an UDEM LGIT graduate, you can work as a(n):

  • Manager of tourism-related organizations
  • Travel agent 
  • Tourism project assessment consultant
  • Tourism business consultant 
  • Corporate travel consultant
  • Customer experience and customer service coordinator
  • Creator of gastronomic concepts
  • Creator of tourist experiences
  • Designer and organizer of social and corporate events 
  • Accommodation industry executive 
  • Tourism ambassador
  • Enterpriser in the tourism, gastronomy, and hospitality sectors
  • Innovator in the tourism and event sector 
  • Leader in public and private tourism-related organizations
  • Leader of sustainable tourism projects 
  • Restaurant industry leader 
  • Planner of sustainable tourism projects
  • Cultural and heritage promoter
  • Promoter of tourist destinations and brands 

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