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Specialty in Finance

Contribute to financial success: Help organizations improve their return on investment, obtain better sources of financing, and manage financial risk and cash flow.
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In the specialization in Finance (EFI) you will focus on proposing innovative solutions to the problems of profitability and liquidity that companies present, and you will make better financial investment and financing decisions, manage financial risk and cash flow, and improve financial situations and performance, contributing to financial success, and a better development of society.

In addition, this program allows you to accredit subjects of the master’s degree programs in administration and management of the UDEM School of Business.

Quick Facts

We are part of the 5% of Business Schools worldwide that hold this accreditation.


Of our professors are members of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI).


This specialty allows you to revalidate subjects of the UDEM's MBA.


You will be formed as a specialist in the area of finance, capable of solving business problems by optimizing the cost-risk-return ratio of investments, financing and cash flows, improving the performance and financial situation of companies in order to contribute to financial success and the development of the environment and society.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • You will optimize financial resources to help companies profitability and liquidity.
  • You will appropriately evaluate the financial situation and performance of organizations through financial reports and indicators.
  • You will propose and implement investment, financing and liquidity strategies.
  • You will innovate financial solutions to better manage risk and financial 
  • performance.

Admission profile

  • Hold an undergraduate degree.
  • Have at least two years post-graduate work experience.

Graduate profile

Upon completing the specialty you will have developed the following knowledge:

  • Economic and financial analytics tools.
  • Investment, financing and liquidity decisions.
  • Products and operations in national and international financial markets.
  • Financial risk management.

Upon completing the specialty you will have developed the following skills:

  • Systemic and analytical-critical thinking in the financial context.
  • Ability to implement financial products and services.
  • Assessment of tools and methodologies for financial evaluation.

Upon completing the specialty you will have developed the following attitudes:

  • Oriented to value creation, profitability and business liquidity.
  • Sensitive to the interests of investors, communities and stakeholders.
  • Manage risks based on methodologies, data analysis and facts.

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Consult the courses that you will take in the Specialty in Finance.

*The order presented may change.

1st four-months
  • Economic Analysis for Decision Making
  • Financial Analysis for Value Creation
  • Quantitative Fundamentals in Finance
2nd four-months
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Finance
3rd four-months
  • Financial engineering
  • Stock market
  • Elective
Elective Subjects
  • Mergers, acquisitions and business valuation
  • Financial innovation
  • Financial planning and evaluation of investment projects
  • Venture scaling and financing
  • Corporate governance
  • Strategic management

Professors of the School of Business

Accounting, Finance and Economics


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