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Center for Wellbeing Studies

We work to increase awareness of the determinants of wellbeing and quality of life in Mexico.

We focus on:

  • Welfare and quality of life.
  • Poverty and social development.
  • Inequity and social inequality.
  • Happiness and spirituality.
  • Humanism in organizations.
  • Gender equality.

Our services

Services for businesses and social enterprises

  • Assessment-diagnosis of wellbeing and quality of life of collaborators.
  • Assessment of the social and economic impact of social programs.
  • Strategies for the inclusion of collaborative values.
  • Case studies (teaching and business).

Services for civil society organizations

  • Design and implementation of self-managed implementation (business units and product strategy).
  • Social impact assessments (management and impact indicators).
  • Operational, organizational, and social professionalization.

Services for government

  • Community diagnosis and self-management models.
  • Assessment of social and economic impact of social programs and strategies.
  • Design, implementation, and assessment of inclusive social development and participation processes.