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A distinguished student

Author: UDEM

Jesica Yolanda Herrera González, from the academic program of Business Creation and Innovation, obtained the summa cum laude degree at the Spring Graduation Ceremony 2018 of the University of Monterrey.

Brief resume:

  • She was recognized as a Distinguished Student of the Institution.
  • He has knowledge of the German language.
  • She did her social service in the organization "Emprende Mujer".
  • He defended the colors of the UDEM within the representative team of basketball.
  • He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Bachelor of Business Creation and Innovation.
  • She has an entrepreneurial spirit: she founded the artisanal products company Doña Yola and the Mty Petfriends community.
  • He won the first place in the Product Innovation Contest for P & G in 2018.
  • He developed a business model to market recycled plastic pallets. This, as part of its Final Evaluation Project and in collaboration with GT Plastics.